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Star of Love & Hope coming to Waldron

November 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

Veterans Walk in Solidarity has announced that they will be hosting a Walk in Solidarity, December 1, 2018, in Waldron, Arkansas.

The theme will beStar of Love and Hope”  The star represents our love and hope for veterans, their families and all active military deployed during the holidays.

Alice Sue Davis, the exceutive corrdinator of Veterans Walk in Solidarity, anounced in a press conference that the excutive board had approved the event and the agenda.

  • WHEN:  Deecember 1, 2018
  • WHERE: Waldron, Arkansas
  • PLACE:  Waldron High School Auditorium (seats 600)
  • ADDRESS:  1560 W 6th St, Waldron, AR 72958
  • TIME:  1 PM

The Solidary Walk will begin at 2 pm following the Star of Love and Hope meeting and will proceed into downtown Waldron.

The Veterans Walk in Solidary will also participate in the Waldron Chrismas parade beginning at 6 pm.  “The city’s Christmas parade theme is “Kindling the Love of Christmas.”   Veterans who are going to walk in the parade should be at the Waldron fair grounds no latter than 5:30 pm.

Cheyanne Fain, 9 4th grade with The Walking Veteran

Cheyanne Fain, 9 4th grade with The Walking Veteran

The Walking Veteran, Thomas Hudson

The Walking Veteran, Thomas Hudson

Cheyanne Fain from Waldron, Arkansas will join with The Walking Veteran, Thomas Hudson and will pull the special outfitted Walking Veteran Wagon.  Cheyanne will pull the wagon to represent all of the amazing young people who come out and support our veterans.  During the Walk Across America, The Walking Veteran had a vision of an organiztion to recognize the amazing young people who do greats things in their communities and support veterans.  As a result a non profit corperation, Recognizing Goodness in Youth, RGIY.org, was form by a group from across the country and is headquartered in Arkansas.

The purpose of the Veterans Walk in Solidarity being held in Waldron, Arkansas is to bring awareness of the abuse and fraud against a fellow 88 year old Korean War veteran, Fred Potter.  Fred  had served in the Marines and Army.

Veterans Walk in Solidarity, Star of Love and Hope

Volunteers Needed