Veterans Walk in Solidarity Coming to Waldron Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas— Monday, November 26, 2018 — Veterans Walk in Solidarity announced that Veterans Walk in Solidarity will come to Waldron, Arkansas, December 1, 2018, 1 pm – 7 pm for a massive Walk in Solidarity and support for fellow veteran Fred Potter,

Fred Potter is a 88 year old Korean War Veteran who served in the Army and Marines.  He has recently been seen on various TV outlets, Newspaper, YouTude, Facebook, Twitter, and other news media platforms.

Star of Love & Hope coming to Waldron

Veterans Walk in Solidarity has announced that they will be hosting a Walk in Solidarity, December 1, 2018, in Waldron, Arkansas.
The theme will be “Star of Love and Hope”  The star represents our love and hope for veterans, their families and all active military deployed during the holidays.
Alice Sue Davis, the exceutive corrdinator of Veterans Walk in Solidarity, anounced in a press conference that the excutive board had approved the event and the agenda.